Alternative parts for horn and/or bassoon


Alternative parts replacing horn with 2nd clarinet or bassoon with bass clarinet



If you would like to play my wind quintet or wind quartet arrangements but don’t have a horn and/or bassoon player I can provide emailed PDFs of alternative parts.

  • Horn – replaced with 2nd clarinet
  • Bassoon – replaced with bass clarinet (in Bb / treble clef / lowest note – written C)

Please note:

  • I will provide an emailed PDF of the part(s) only.  I will not provide a score with these alternative instruments
  • I cannot provide alternative parts for titles I publish under licence (i.e. those I sell only as printed sheet music)
  • I do not offer this service for my wind quintet and piano arrangements
  • If you would like alternative parts for bassoon quartets please contact me to discuss your requirements


Costs are dependent on the price of the original printed sheet music and reflect the time it will take me to produce the part for you:

  • Less than £10 (incl. FREE PDFs): £3 per part
  • £10-£20: £5 per part
  • Over £20: £7 per part

You do not have to buy the original arrangement at the same time (e.g. if you have already purchased the piece).


Select what you’d like from the dropdown list above (according to the price of the original printed sheet music- and altering the quantity to suit) and either include a message in your paypal payment or contact me to let me know which pieces you need parts for.