Customer testimonials

I really like your arrangements – which is why I have so many!

Simon Whalley

I have a bassoon camp this week that I was getting ready for and was excited to find arrangements and not have to write them all myself!

Leslie Massenburg, Texas

We already have several of your arrangements for wind quintet and they really are very well written and fun to play.

The wind  quintet I play in is very pleased with your imaginative arrangements and enjoy playing them.

I have to tell you how pleased we all are with your arrangements. Full numbering, page turns, no treble clef for the bassoon, horn in F and the sound is right (ie they sound good to our ears). What more can one want!

The Melville Wind Quintet has enjoyed playing your arrangements

Your Eine Kleine went down very well with the group (and mention was made particularly of how expertly the tunes were shared between the parts).

You may remember me from a few years back, when I ordered a big chunk of music from you for an army wind quintet performance at Buckingham Palace?  Well, that music went down very well at the concert!

 I really love your arrangements and we’ve played several of them at concerts.

We’ve really enjoyed playing the Walton and are going to have a proper look at the Warlock soon.  I’ve also played some of your bassoon quartets in the past and love your arrangements!

Many thanks for your excellent service and musical arrangements.

We love the Portus arrangements!

We loved the Faure hence a further order.

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed all the previous purchases from you, Pictures at an Exhibition was an especially super challenge

 Arrangements by Lisa Portus: we love her work and know you will too!

Windfall wind quintet, Australia